IslamicTunesNews – As I want to start writing this article, my granddaughter pick up the digital TV remote control and start to search Sabyan on YouTube, as usual! And because I’m using our living room as my working space (to write, thinking or watching Netflix but most of time is sleeping!!!) and the TV was also located at the same, so it can’t put my eyes away from the video. I remembered that on early stage, I have to type the word of Sabyan one by one and hit enter to find this video on search area, and luckily at the moment Sabyan has already been viraled and after hit almost three fonts, the AI directed me to the Sabyan’ gallery videos.

What if I don’t know the name of singer and name of song? Normally I will type the words of relating categories or music genres. But there is no ‘Islamic Music’ genre. I tried to type that words and bring me to varies of songs and preaches, also Al Quran recites. Why?

Currently there’s no one body to look after this matter, although it’s a very basic to move on. Now it depends on how individually wanted to label it, and there was many cases that an event with using a tag of Islamic or Muslim but obviously its not.

Thus we believe that to give a standard definition of what is called “Islamic content” is very urgently to be created, but who can act to do doing this? who can justify or verify? It’s shame on all of us that we said we’re Muslim but nothing we did to do something about it. There’s hundred millions of content in Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and other digital stores and streaming service but sadly there are still non specific category to ease the organic search on Internet, online appearance and digital presence for the right keywords to justify the search. 

Ironically, there are specific categories of genres for Jews Music, Christian Music, or even Gospel and Spiritual that referred to Jews or Christian or Buddha, or Hindu. In Malaysia are even worse, we got trapped in the category of Malay and Islamic that often to be categorized as same genres where actually there’s a lot of differences and definition happens between both. 

While in Indonesia, Islamic music are more often defined as religious music (musik relegi) and this are more chronic and totally misinterpreted. Since IslamicTunes activate this ‘solois nasheed’ word, there are more new artists whom before this often defined they are ‘religious music artists’ to ‘nasheed solois’. 

Currently most of the Islamic content will be registered as ‘world music’ or ‘arabic music’ or ‘religious or Indonesian music’.

Incorrect category or genre of contents, consisting of any concept Islamic songs, audio and video, in the form of Nasyid or nasheed or nashid, qasidah or qosidah, zikr of zikir, sholawat/selawat/maulid, dua or doa, munajjat or religi in all dialects and languages from all around the world, ethnics and countries; will directly affecting algorithm, keyword, metatag, hashtag, metadata, etc.

The most important matter is how we define IsIamic music as one genre and improve on the all digital search platform. Lots of implication will derived from this subject if this matter is taken care from now on, especially for digital creative economic growth, such as collaboration with brands including HALAL brand. If you are interested to participate in this topic, and wanted to be part of the game changer against the odds, do contact us for discussion of what contribution that you can deliver for ummah. (*)

Photo by Elly Brian on Unsplash

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