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I’ve been wanting to write about York since the first time I’ve visited the place in 2014. I know It took me a really long time to update about York, but since I was busy with my university’s work, I forgot about it until I scrolled down my hardrive and found a bunch of pictures in York. Oh my, I really do miss strolling around York.

I remembered every time I’ve visited York, I feel like I’m in a real English movie in an old era because of their local shops seem to manage on the same concept design. I guess it is one of the terms to open a shop here so it can enhance the environment of the ancient ambience. I just love to visit the antique, cafes and chocolate shops in York. I went to one small gift/cafe shop which specializes in local York tea, their cafe has the most coziest vibe, which caught my attention. I sat there and ended up ordering 2 pots of their sense tea. The owners are an old couple, lovely and sweet, but unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of this shop since I found the shop on a coincidence after spending hours wandering around in the cold weather of York. Most of the time when I visit York, I always try to find any restaurants or cafes that serve all day vegetarian breakfast English style at an affordable price (fortunately, they are easy to find in England). Make sure your stomach is full before starting your historical journey! Because York will sweep you off your feet with their fascinating historic buildings and streets which will make you forget about your worries right at the moment you discover something new.

York city is a prosperous heritage and history, you can find a lot of interesting things every around of the city corner, the York Minster, the proclaimed Emperor, Constantine The Great’s Statue and much more especially the obvious, The Roman Wall or the bar walls of York, this medieval walls has surrounded the city for 700 years and the side walk of the walls has been built for 150 years for the public to stroll around the city wall safely while enjoying the view of York city from the walls. It is also known as the most complete and longest wall in the country at 3.4 kilometers long, which will take at least 2 hours to walk around the bar walls.

Since I used to study in Leeds, it is convenient to take the one way trip by train to York which usually lasts around 40 minutes or less. In United Kingdom, you can book tickets in advance using the Trainline application Cost may vary but you can get cheap price as low as £3 one-way ticket. So I would suggest booking your train ticket early to avoid a double charge for last minute purchase. If you can’t find cheap train ticket, you can always take bus from anywhere to York which always cheaper compared to train and the only different you get is the duration time of traveling. For example, taking a bus from Manchester to York (you can get a one way ticket for £1 with megabus) will take 2 hours and 50 minutes while travelling by train would only take an hour and 40 minutes to arrive at the destination. From York Railway Station exit’s door, turn left and walk straight ahead on Station Rd until you found the entrance to the bar walls which take 6 minutes in walking and always remember to stay on side walk! If you get confuse, turn on your map application and key in to Yorkboat from your destination, the reason I choose to start my journey from here instead at the closest bar walls, Micklegate Bar Museum, which is opposite the railway because Yorkboat nearby to all the attractions that are available on York by walking distance.

Trail Map of The Roman Wall available here.

Take your time to stroll around the city first instead straight walking around the bar walls since there are a lot of hidden gems in the city. I started my journey at the Museum Gardens, where The Multangular Tower is located. The Multangular Tower is one of the most important parts of Roman defences. I love the gardens, I think I’ve spent more time wondering in the gardens compared to other places, while it is free and most of the attractions in York while charge you for the entrance fee like the Yorkshire Museum inside the Museum Gardens which that is why I didn’t went in the first place (I’m quite stingy person, I’m typical Asian, what can I say.. I like everything that is free)

While wandering around the gardens, I found a ‘Storytelling’ section with beautiful landscape inside it with big stones and woods as sitting tools. Making me feel like in a fairytale princess movie scene. Such a lovely day when I found this.

Museum Gardens

After an hour or so, I proceed my journey to York Minster. The entrance is free which you can get a brief walk on the front part if the building but I remember if you want to visit the rest of the building, there will be some fee but I can recall that the fee are include with tour guide inside the building.

York Minster

The Interior of York Minster.

After York Minster, I went on hunting mood, decided to walk in York City without the maps and found numerous of exciting treasure for pictures to shoot.

The Antique Shop

I was quite lost at the moment when the picture was taken. I remember I was trying to find the York’s Chocolate Story Gift Shop.

York’s Chocolate Story at Kings Square York, YO1 8ZH. Finally found the shop.

Random cupcakes cafe.

The proclaimed Emperor, Constantine The Great’s Statue.

After enough of the photo hunt, I was trying to get my way to JORVIK Viking Centre which unfortunately was close during my last visit, so I went head down the road to Clifford’s Tower. The stairs to climb to the top was quite stiff, so be careful folks! Especially on the rainy day, I almost slipped! I was ready to pay for the entrance fees but luckily when I talked to the guard in front of the Clifford’s gate, he told me that it’s not worth to spend money on the ticket since there’s not much thing going on at the moment and the venue is closing soon (it was almost 4 or 5pm when I arrived there). So I decided that was the end of my trip in the York City and planning on walking at the bar walls of York but before I headed downstairs, saw these most adorable creature and asked for the owner’s for a picture of this dog. Awww! I wish I can just snuggle the pretty baby!

Pretty Little Short Leg Baby!

Clifford’s Tower, York

Bar Walls of York at Bootham Bar

Rainy Day at York.

View of York Minster from Bar Walls of York.

On the other side of the story, note to muslim’s traveller:

Yes, there are two mosques in York but it is quite far from the city, York Mosque & Islamic Centre located at Bull Lane, York, Y010 3EN


York Muslim Association at 76 Fourth Ave, York YO31 0UB

By this point, it is much more better to do Masah Alal Khuffain method before travelling (click here for more information on definition of Khuffain) and you can do your prayers at the Museum Gardens where you can find isolated corner to do your prayer in peace. Don’t worry, peeps. Allah S.W.T. always protect you if you are doing the right thing. InsyaAllah.

Assalamualaikum. (*)

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