Mevlan Kurtishi – ISHRAQ (Full Album)

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ISHRAQ | اشراق

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A message from Mevlan Kurtishi:

Every morning sunshine is associated with hope, love, and happiness. Although the world is multicolored and full of beauty,
if the sun was not to rise, its beauty would never appear.
This sun dwells in every soul; in souls that hate remaining in darkness. Noise and idle words vanish so to give life to beautiful sounds and kind words. Several years of hard work were melted to produce ‘ISHRAQ’, the gift you are holding in your hands right now;
a gift which consists of beautiful sounds and words.
Mankind is in a great need of much more love, devotion,
and hard work for a better future.

Full Album in one Track:

00:00 – Al Mustafa
04:19 – Talaa Al Badru
08:42 – Al Mukhtar
12:55 – Amantu Billah
16:55 – Ya Mecca
20:21 – Babullah
25:48 – Sabrun Jameel
30:22 – Deti i mëshirës
34:57 – Dhikru Allah
38:45 – Salam Alayka
43:13 – Si një yll
46:41 – SubhanAllah

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