We Learned by Tears and Smiles – Anak Seni Warisan (The New Young Generation)

We Learned by Tears and Smiles – Anak Seni Warisan (The New Young Generation)

IslamicTunesNews – Firstly created in 2012 as The New Young Generation (TNYG), now with the new name ANAK SENI WARISAN, they are now a professional acoustic band performer in town and still carry on taking parts in Nasyid, Theatre, Short Film and Music Band.

Started playing for shows and events in the year of 2017. Miss Aida, founder and leader of the group has brought themselves to places through only these 2 years. 

Anak Seni Warisan (Akoustik Band)

Getting involved in the music business because they eat, sleep and breathe music is the RIGHT reason on question why they getting involved with this activities. Going into music purely for monetary gains is a drag, and in fact, there is definitely an argument to be made that chasing profits has come at the expense of good music at many labels. 

Talking about their first single track just released early this year titled “Seusai Kau Tiada” composed by Miss Aida, “whatever we are trying to do in the music business, we can bet that we are not the first to try it. Now, granted, most people who enter the music industry have a life long love affair with music that gives them some level of knowledge—but we never assume that because we have bought and read a lot music of magazines that we really know how things work.

When we get a chance to get some advice from someone who has been around the block, we will listen up, even if we think it sounds like a sell out. The people who really get ahead in music are the people who never stop learning from those who went before them,”

“Therefore, in order to control our service of performing in good level, we only choose singers and musicians which have good talent, good attitude and good commitment to the passion. ‘Talented and Disciplined’! “.

“We have been through a very hard time to be what we are today. Even better or worse the experience is priceless. It did educate us to be stronger and more compatibles. We learned by both tears and smiles,” Miss Aida ended our meeting with her strong believe that Anak Seni Warisan will be one of the best acoustic band in Malaysia!

Anak Seni Warisan can offer wide ranges of genres such as Pop, R&B, Melayu Tradisional, Ballad, Jazz, Dangdut, Rock, Soul, etc. but actually their passion is more towards Islamic music, inspiration and positive words,

So far, Anak Seni Warisan has participated shows and events as below: –

  • Sayembara Puisi Remaja Anjuran Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, Ulu Slim  (2017) – First Place 
  • Sayembara Puisi Remaja Anjuran Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, KL  (2017) -1st Runner Up
  • Battle of the Buskers Anjuran Shah Alam Convention Centre  (2018) -Fourth Place
  • TV Al-Hijrah Digital Broadcast Centre  TV Live Performance  (2018) 
  • Sayembara Puisi Remaja Anjuran Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, Selama  (2018) – 1st Runner Up
  • Battle of the Buskers Anjuran UPSI, Tanjung Malim  (2018) -First Place
  • Tour for Teacher’s Day  Live Performance  Anjuran The Children’s House, Cyberjaya  (2018) 
  • Charity Run: Who Can Run Anjuran Persatuan Pendidikan Dan Kebudayaan  Live Performance  Tiong Hua, KL & Selangor  (2018) 
  • Ekspresi Muzik Jalanan Anjuran DBP & MYBC – Third Place
  • Battle of the Buskers Anjuran KKM, Setia Alam  (2018) -First Place
  • Sounds from the Street Anjuran E-Curve, Damansara  (2018)  -First Place
  • Kumpulan Berharmoni Gina Al Munshid Anjuran Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya  (2018) -First Place
  • Alza Member Club 1 Malaysia Anjuran Alza Family & Friends Association  Live Performance  UKM, Bandar Baru Bangi  (2019) 
  • Sembang Sahur Anjuran TV3  Live Performance  Sri Pentas, Sri Damansara  (2019) 
  • Borak Kopitiam Anjuran TV3  Live Performance  Sri Pentas, Sri Damansara  (2019) 
  • Majlis Raya Bersama Bossku  Anjuran UMNO  Live Performance  Laman Kayangan Shah Alam  (2019) 
  • Majlis Raya One Finance 2019 Anjuran Petronas Suria KLCC  Live Performance  Suria KLCC  (2019) 
  • Cultural Appreciation Day Anjuran Institution of Diplomacy and Foreign  Live Performance  Relation  Dewan Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah  (2019) 
  • Opening of El Ray Café  Anjuran El Ray Cafe bersama Tan Sri Mustapha  Live Performance  Kamal  El Ray Cafe, Damansara Perdana  (2019) 

Lineups: –

  • UDIN (Wan Muhammad Hafizuddin )- VOCALIST, BACKUP VOCALIST;
  • ARY  (Rozairie Hashim )- BASSIST, BACKUP VOCALIST;
  • DALILI (Siti Amirah Dalili Bte Mohd Amerullah ) – VOCALIST, BACKUP VOCALIST, PERCUSSIONIST .

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